Commemorating the Fates of those Perished While Promoting Democracy

Over the course of the past years, with the increasing digitization and digitalization, a number of initiatives were born all over the world to safeguard records, and preseve memories of those perished in genocides or wars. This landing page which at the moment is only hosting a simple blog will soon be among these platforms and will host an online monument, and thus a living archive of the victims of the Second World War from the Szeged-Bačka region.

It will not only gather a vast amount of information from a variety of sources that are hardly accessible and are also objected to severe deterioration. The site will include a list and a personal profile of each deported person from the Szeged-Bačka region, allowing visitors to conduct more general, basic searches, and when possible a more in-depth research based on various criteria, e.g. occupations, family relations, age, official religion (religion of the registries), or place of residence of the individuals.

With the help of the monument historical knowledge will be more easily accessible, and available for all. Such knowledge contributes to increasing the resilience of democracy, which is an undeniably cruical matter in times of flux and turmoil. Our mission is to create a pilot project, that will serve as an example for all other (Jewish) communities to start their own initiatives in order not only to commemorate the fates of those perished, but also to encouraging efforts to promote democracy, tolerance, and human rights, perhaps via using the Holocaust as starting point.


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