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This digital monument commemorates the over 10.000 individuals who were deported to various concentration camps during the Second World War via Szeged, from the Szeged (Southern Hungary) and Bačka (Northern Serbia) regions. The database is searchable, and aims to provide the most available information on each and every victim. It is important to remember, however, that during WWII and the period afterwards, several crucial documents disappeared and were destroyed. The current monument, and the database which forms its basis are continuously being updated with new, and more reliable information.


The project team has faced a number of methodological issues during researching the material that forms the basis of this digital monument. These issues include missing (or lost) archival materials, concerns with the reliability of oral and written testimonies of survivors, and controversial information in the available sources. Due to these issues, certain information (e.g. places or dates of death of certain victims) may not be entirely reliable. Upon accessing new sources and information the currently available information will be updated. Hereby we would also like to ask the users of this site, that if they are aware of certain information that may not be available on this site, get in touch with the creators of this monument via info@szegedholocaustmemorial.org. 


Parental Love and Grief: The Letters of Dr. Andor Arató

Dr. Birnfeld Sámuel rabbiról (Szeged 1906 – Félixdorf 1944)

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The project has been financed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance IHRA


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